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The period of music in the Films of the Subcontinent started with the Industry itself. From the first talking movie "Alam Ara" (1932) until today, almost all films were made with a number of songs as part of film's story and script. During 1940s, 1950s and 1960s the Film Music achieved a unique climax in melodious quality with excellent poetry at its base that even today it has not lost its true value and influence. Time brought new changes but the eternal existence of that melody is still felt that was the Queen of the Time.

Songs have been a part of every film, somehow getting into the script as part of story itself. Songs were recorded in situations of expression of love, hate, comedy, tragedy, patriotism, religious devotion, and festivities. There have been large treasures of memorable songs that are among the music lovers' permanent collections. Songs in Bollywood movies - the combined products of the talents of lyricists, music directors/composers, and singers - often determine the extent of success of individual Indian movies; as such, playback singers are an important part of the Indian film industry. Most of the playback singers are initially trained in classical music, though they later often expand their range.

Given here are a few of the best-known and most prolific playback singers in India of yesteryears (in Alphabetical Order), who not only gave the world unforgettable melodies using the talent of their voices but also achieved a special place in history as well as the hearts of music lovers.

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