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Sunil Ganguly (died June 14, 1999) was an Indian musician who played the Hawaiian electric guitar. He made a number of records of Indian film music on the HMV label, Sagarika Acoustronics and Concorde Records.

His recording career spanned more than 40 yrs from 1957, when he cut his first album from HMV. He died in Kolkata on June 14, 1999, after a short illness. He was active in giving music classes at his residence, and in doing recordings, till the last week before his demise.

Sunil Ganguly was born at Sonamura village in Tripura on 1 January, 1940. He re-created a number of popular hit Bollywood songs, from the films of 1940s, 50s, 60s and 70s, on guitar. He trained under the great Pt. Pannalal Ghosh, also the guru of the renowned vocalist Pt. Ajay Chakrabarty. Ganguly, therefore, had a profound knowledge of North Indian Classical music and had a unique gayaki style with which he played the guitar. He has a number of compositions and dhuns based on various ragas. Some of his remarkable records include 'Ghazal chedi usne', an album of instrumentals of ghazals by prominent singers such as Mehdi Hassan and Jagjit Singh.

Partial Discography

Electric Guitar (1975) S/MOCE 3006
Electric Guitar Hindi Film Tunes (1979) S/MOCE 3015
The Classic Touch (Electric Guitar) (1980) S/MOCE 3016
Swinging Hits (1980) S/MOCE 3018
FIREWORKS - Instrumental Film Hits (1986)


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