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Most Indian films are musicals, and their music directors are among the best known musicians in India. There are also a few musicians who excel at making great 'Instrumental' versions of Filmi Music or Pop Tunes. Going down the memory lane, the most familiar names were that of Van Shipley, Enoch Daniels, Charanjit Singh, Hazara Singh, Sunil Ganguly, Milon Gupta and a few others. They were as popular and well known as any other singer or music director. They were considered 'virtuosi' as far as their favourite instruments were concerned. They were integral part of the teams of great music directors of those days.

Given here are a few of the best-known and most prolific Instrumental musicians in India of yesteryears (in Alphabetical Order), who not only gave the world unforgettable melodies but also achieved a special place in history as well as the hearts of music lovers.

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